Student Testimonials

Claire is considered a hero in our house, we all adore her! Because of time, patience and skills my daughter can really play the piano! For someone who comes from no musical background I listen and watch in wonder. Because of the Suzuki method of the parent participating in the lesson I have been able to support her learning in spite of the fact I can’t play myself. My 3 year old son has just started lessons with Claire and we are excited at the prospect of watching his musical skills grow with Claire’s tailored tuition. Our boy has a totally different personality to my daughter. Some might say he is a little crazy! Yet Claire has found an approach which works with him. It may sound boastful, but I can’t help but feel we have (with Claire’s help) given our children a wonderful gift that they will cherish for life – you can’t say that about many things you buy for kids!

For us these lessons have become a real family affair. Both children consider Claire a friend as well as a teacher. We can’t sing her praises highly enough! Thank you Claire.

SC (Wheathampstead)

We have found Claire to be friendly, approachable and flexible.

The lessons are varied - as well as going through the piano pieces, there are music games and exercises too.

Claire actively involves the parent as she teaches the child. It really is a three-way lesson. She gives good advice to parents as to how to help their child practise and how to help their child grasp the finer parts of the piece.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Recital – a great way to celebrate!

UH (Luton)

"My four year old son has hugely enjoyed his lessons with Claire - playing the piano is just a part of his learning and he has got a lot out of learning about music generally from games and other activities. He got a taste of what it was like to perform at the summer concert and that really boosted his confidence."

VC (Harpenden)

'Claire is careful, attentive, and brilliant at motivating young children and, in line with the Suzuki method, focuses on musicality above all. I'd have no hesitation in recommending her as a teacher.'

GM (Harpenden)

We find the Suzuki method of teaching fantastic for our daughter because she can very quickly play a piece, without having to worry about the reading of the notes yet. The pieces in the book are nice melodic tunes so she gets instant satisfaction. We have also noticed her playing tunes that are not in the course book, so she is learning to play by ear. The best thing is we don't have to push her to practise - she wants to play for her own pleasure - so it is not becoming another task she has to complete! She loves the little games that Claire plays with her, which are introducing the symbols of sheet music, rhythm and tone. Claire teaches in such a fun way she doesn't really realise she’s being taught, but she is learning the whole time. As a parent I'm finding it very enjoyable learning alongside my daughter. We are helping each other and she loves nothing more than to tell me how to do something!!!

LW (Welwyn Garden City)